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As you prepare your body today, so shall it serve you tomorrow

Welcome to Pilates of Weston, based on Joseph Pilates' teachings which is embraced by professionals all over the world including athletes and dancers. Physical therapists are using his techniques to rehabilitate and inspire clients. Although he died in 1967, his principles are now being valued by thousands who have sought elite athleticism, only to suffer injury and pain.

From private to group sessions, you can discover the benefits of pilates conditioning. There are no age or fitness limitations to this form of exercise.


Perfect movement patterns enhancing athletic performance
Develop a strong core resulting in toned abdominals and a strong back
Train several muscle groups simultaneously for sculpted shoulders and hips
Eliminate muscular imbalance altering posture and preventing injury
Gain flexibility leading to efficient function and less insult to soft tissues
Learn the mind body connection and how it enhances your performance
Reduce stress through exercise and correct breathing techniques


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